His eyes: Intense as the night sky over the Serengeti His skin: soft as satin bathed in the sun His laughter: a symphony of perfectly innocent joy Before him, I cannot remember Days spent with him, I cannot forget His presence on this earth somehow justifies mine.

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Preacher Man

All this talk about the Pope got me thinking about my favorite preacher; my favorite professor of the Gospel; my favorite teacher. His name was Reverend Sullivan. He was a tall thick man with happy eyes. Every Sunday morning, he would walk down the left aisle of the main sanctuary of Zion Baptist Church with a […]

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I will not forget him, and I hope I never will. I will never forget the sound of his laughter, nor will I ever forget the sound of consternation when he was disappointed. I will carry my memories of him, proudly.

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For John

Perhaps the responsibility to steward the spoils of our ancestors with compassion and grace is the other side of the blessing.

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My precious Grandson, Zion, just turned 3 years old. Those three years were, for me tantamount to the blink of an eye. Time moves so fast in this journey we call life. And so I got to thinking about the women in my bloodline; about their strength and about the fact that this little boy is their legacy, as well as mine.


Becoming Whole

I would like to hear an African American lead a dialog about their heritage by acknowleding the contribution that Africa made to their DNA, to the the curl in their hair; to the strength of their character, to their ability to survive challenge after challenge, to the power of their body… rather than the Native American or a white person’s contribution to their DNA which tamed that curl, diluted the melanin in their skin, and reduced their pride in being of African descent.

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Lay Your Burden Down

A daddy’s girl long after that term made any sense at all, when he asked me , on his deathbed no less, to continue his work upon his death, I readily and with every ounce of confidence, assured him I would. I repeated to him over and over again, “I could not have loved you any more… I could not have loved you any more…I could not have…”

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